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The strategy of preparing and disseminating content through various channels that will attract your target audience is called Content Marketing. The most widely used methods are blog posts, social media posts, articles, webinars, videos, and books.

Your content should be educational, useful, or entertaining rather than promotional or sales-oriented, regardless of the channel you utilize to disseminate content. An engaging and valuable content will cause your potential customers to recognize you, remember you, and call you when they require help in similar areas.

Content Marketing is perfectly suitable for the service industry since it is built on expertise and customer relationships. The simplest way to pass on your knowledge and experience to your potential customers is through your content. The person or companies influenced by your content will add you to the list of service providers they can work with in the future. You can convince your customers without uttering a single word, solely due to how knowledgeable you are in your work. Moreover, this type of marketing is 60% cheaper than the classical marketing methods. To top it all off, regardless of your geography, content marketing will give you both national and international visibility wherever you are.

Content marketing is not to be taken lightly. Creating good content that will pique everyone's interest is difficult. Creating enough content and becoming visible sometimes takes months. Patience is required, which is difficult for most people. As with any marketing strategy, content marketing involves continuity. The day that you stop doing it, all your efforts will go to waste. Continuity is not easily achieved, whereas competition increases every day. Many service industry actors who understand the advantages of content marketing are heading in the same direction to be visible.

There are seven aspects to always keep in mind your company's content marketing strategy:

1. The growth and profitability of service industry companies are positively affected by content marketing.

2. It should not be sales-oriented for it to be effective.

3. Share all content with potential customers.

4. Build a talented and appropriate staff.

5. Help the employees that can create content.

6. Build a community of followers that will share your content with others.

7. Make your content easily accessible.

There are three phases of Content Marketing:

1. Creation

2. Promotion

3. Converting your followers into Customers

Among the most exciting contents are customer case studies. These contents are followed with interest by potential customers. It is all up to you to make the content enjoyable. Ten tips on how to create exciting content:

1. Involve your customers in the content from the start

2. State who the customer is if there are no legal and ethical difficulties

3. Use customer testimonials

4. Use keywords that search engines frequently utilize, both in the title and within the post

5. Use numbers

6. Tell a story

7. Use images (pictures)

8. Avoid industry jargon and acronyms

9. Use videos

10. Consult industry professionals

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