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  • Attila Gursel


Time moves forward beyond our control. Unlike some science fiction movies or literature, we are not yet able to travel in time. I am unsure as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

The past is important for most of us. In fact, it’s so important for some that they cannot live in the present or in the future in a real sense. What we have done in the past will give us an idea of who we are. Our past and standard of judgment will structure our mentality, beliefs and personality. We often remember and talk about the bygone days and the good and bad memories. We sometimes laugh at the events of the past, we sometimes draw lessons and sometimes have regrets. Just as the experiences of the past shape us, the history of companies likewise shape their “Corporate Culture” and their “Corporate Memory”. That's why the history of an institution is important. Your company may be around for a century or half a century. Since there won’t be anyone around with a century-old memory and since those with a 50 year storage of memory also decrease day by day, however, while new people start to accumulate their own experiences, they also accumulate a common memory by listening to others’ old memories. The corporate culture of a 50 year-old company is also one of the most important assets of a company. Elements, such as the way of doing business, internal and external relations, ethical values and know-how determine how the culture of an organization will be perceived both inside and outside the company.

Today can be defined in a narrow and a broad sense. When we talk about today, we take into account a short time interval like the day or moment we are in or as a 50 year-old company, we may be referring to the last year or the last few years. In general, companies consider changes made in their corporate cultures as milestones and separate their past from their future. Companies go through such a change from time to time. This is a long term process of change and some visible and noticeable changes are expected. A lot of changes will take place, from the way of doing business to expectations, job descriptions, strategies, employer-employee relations and the way the company is managed. Understanding, adopting and assimilating this change will not be easy for everyone. Nevertheless, the future is bright only for those who can keep up with the changes made in a changing company. Those who are stuck in the past, those who do not want to get out of their comfort zone, and those who resist change, will unfortunately find it difficult to find a place in the future of the company.

Companies change their identities. Your company will no longer want to work with those who think only of their own future. The” I will carry out the duties imposed on me and will not be involved with the rest” type of mentality will be a thing of the past. “This is not my job, I was not asked to do this, the less responsibility I take the fewer mistakes I’ll make” type of attitude will also be unacceptable. The company will prefer to work with those who educate themselves in every aspect, especially their own profession and those that improve themselves, those who reflect, those who express their opinion, those who are not afraid to make mistakes but draw lessons from their mistakes, those who are always willing to give a helping hand even if it’s not their job, proud to be a family member of the company, honest, hardworking and self-confident employees. They will want employees who have a team spirit which unite the departments led by their managers. This requires an environment where employees respect each other, feed on differences, where no class and group divisions are made, new ones are not excluded, and nobody is looked down upon. Your company is changing; you also have to change before it's too late.

It is not possible to establish today without forgetting the past, drawing lessons from the past and creating a corporate culture. Today will one day be our future; the future is today. There are things that need to be established today in order for all of us to have a good future. Everyone should do their part. First we need to change our way of thinking, then our way of doing business. Anything that cannot keep up with change is doomed to disappear. Individuals and companies also suffer from this inevitable end.

Change is inevitable if you want a company that is well-managed, well-functioning and successful in the future. Success will of course come with hard work. A successful company will naturally gain the value it deserves. A company which has earned the value it deserves, will be proud to share this value with its employees. Our key word is happiness: Happy customer, happy management, happy employee. A company that thinks together, works together and succeeds together. Be open to change. Think broadly. Work wisely. Enjoy your success. Or bid farewell to your friends, there is another place, another company or another job where you will be happy. May your future be bright.

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